篇名: PDCA循环在我院抗菌药物临床应用专项整治活动中的作用
摘要: 目的:评价我院抗菌药物临床应用专项整治效果。方法:采用PDCA循环法,通过计划、实施、检查、总结等环节对我院抗菌药物临床应用进行专项整治,并对整治前和整治后连续4年的效果进行分析、评价。结果:经过4个PDCA循环干预,抗菌药物品种由整治前的不受限调整为整治后的49种;人均抗菌药物费用由961.83元下降至381.94元,抗菌药物占总药费比例由17.76%下降至8.30%;抗菌药物使用各项指标整治后均达到国家卫生和计划生育委员会要求;使用限制级和特殊使用级抗菌药物的住院患者微生物送检率由17.61%和51.61%上升至81.40%和95.24%;清洁手术预防用抗菌药物比例由71.83%下降至18.79%,抗菌药物品种选择、用药时机、用药疗程合理率整治后均达到95%以上。结论:PDCA循环用于医院抗菌药物使用的持续改进效果明显,可纳入医院抗菌药物常态管理。
ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of for antibiotics special rectification. METHODS: The antibiotics special rectification of our hospital was conducted through plan-do-check-action of PDCA cycle, and the effects of special rectification was analyzed in 4 years before and after the PDCA cycle management. RESULTS: After 4 PDCA cycle, the types of antibacterials was adjusted to 49 after rectification from not limited before rectification. The antibiotics cost per capita decreased from 961.83 yuan to 381.94 yuan, and the percentage of antibiotics cost in total cost decreased from 17.76% to 8.30%. The antibacterial index were all up to the requirements of Health and Family Planning Commission after rectification; the detection rate of microorganism in the inpatients receiving antibacterials for limit or special use increased from 17.61% and 51.61% to 81.40% and 95.24%. The proportion of antibacterial for clean surgery decreased from 71.83% to 18.79%. After rectification, the reasonable rate of antibacterial selection, medication timing, medication course all reached 95% above. CONCLUSIONS: The effect of PDCA cycle shows obvious effect on continuous improvement of antibacterials in hospital, and it can be brought into the normal management of antibacterials in hospital.
期刊: 2016年第27卷第2期
作者: 朱晓美,孙德春,赵芳,王琳琳
AUTHORS: ZHU Xiaomei,SUN Dechun,ZHAO Fang,WANG Linlin
关键字: PDCA循环;抗菌药物;专项整治
KEYWORDS: PDCA cycle; Antibacterials; Special rectification
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